2018 Florida Gymnastics Guide

10 FLORIDA GYMNASTICS 2018 MEDIA SUPPLEMENT GYMNASTICS SCORING In collegiate team competition, six gymnasts perform on each of the four apparatus. The five best scores per event are added together to make up the cumulative team total. At least two judges are required to evaluate an athlete’s performance. Choices of elements “up to the competition level” are defined by basic requirements for each event. The scores are averaged to arrive at a final mark. GENERAL DEDUCTIONS Fall from apparatus or on floor 0.5 Stepping out of bounds (floor exercise) 0.1 Heavy brush of feet, or hand touch on floor 0.3 Presentation to judge omitted (before or after exercise) 0.1 Intermediate swing (bars) 0.3 Concentration pauses longer than two seconds 0.1 Coach blocking judges’ view 0.2 Competing out of order (taken from the team score) 0.1 “Up to the competition level” deduction 0.1 Other deductions are taken, usually up to and no more than 0.3, for such things as bent arms and legs, or separation of legs. VAULT Vaulting requires speed, quickness and explosive power. Vaults are divided into three categories: hand- spring, Tsukahara and round-off entry. Deductions are taken for technical errors in the areas of preflight (approach to the horse) and after flight (distance and height) from the horse to point of landing. 2017 Gator Vaults Vault/Gymnasts Value Yurchenko layout with full twist: Sierra Alexander, Alyssa Baumann, Amanda Cheney, Jazmyn Foberg, Rachel Gowey, Amelia Hundley, Alex McMurtry, Megan Skaggs 9.95 Yurchenko layout with one and a half twist : Sierra Alexander, Kennedy Baker, Alyssa Baumann, Alicia Boren, Amelia Hundley, Megan Skaggs 10.0 Yurchenko layout with double twist: Alex McMurtry 10.0 Front handspring pike-front half twist: Rachel Slocum 10.0 Tsukahara layout with full twist : Maegan Chant 10.0 Gymnastics skills are divided into different categories (A, B, C, D, E), with E containing the exceptionally difficult skills. An asterisk denotes E-level skills (*). UNEVEN BARS Good composition includes elements showing great amplitude, bar changes, grip changes and direction changes. Pauses for concentration, intermediate swings and uncharacteristic elements are to be avoided. After a fall, the gymnast must resume the exercise within 30 seconds. Requirements for the bars (failure to complete requirements results in .2 start value deduction) include: 1) Minimum of 2 bar changes 2) 2 flight elements, minimum of 2 different C’s or D and B (not to include dismount) 3) One element with long axis turn, minimum of “C” (not to include dismount) 4) “C” dismount with the following modification: “C” dismount immediately preceded by same two A or B elements = .10 deduction (not .20) Gators to Watch in 2018: Kennedy Baker: Ray*, bail to handstand, toe sit up, toe on blind change, double front dismount* Alyssa Baumann: Shaposh to Pak salto, double layout dismount* Alicia Boren: Tkatchev, clear hip, bail handstand, double layout dismount* Maegan Chant: Tkatchev, clear hip, bail handstand, full out dismount* Jazmyn Foberg: Pak salto, Shaposh to immediate Geinger on high bar, full out dismount* Rachel Gowey: Ray*, toe on toe off, Pak salto, double layout dismount* Amelia Hundley: Shaposh, Pak salto, Khorkina, full out dismount* Alex McMurtry: Ray*, bail handstand, toe sit up, full out dismount* Megan Skaggs: Ray* to immediate Pak salto, double layout dismount* BALANCE BEAM The beam routine should be composed of elements from the following groups: acrobatic elements with and without flight, turns and leaps. The balance beam is 16 feet long, four feet high and only four inches wide. The entire routine must last between 30 seconds and one and a half minutes. A bell is rung at the 1:20 mark of the routine. If the gymnast does not complete the routine at the end of one and a half minutes, an overtime penalty of .10 is deducted from the score. There is no under time deduction. Requirements for the beam (failure to complete requirements results in .2 start value deduction) include: 1) Acro series: Minimum of two (2) flight elements, one element must be a minimum of C with or without hand support (both elements must start and finish on the beam). 2) Dance series with a minimum of two (2) elements, one element C or higher. 3) A leap or jump requiring 180 degree split (this may be part of the dance series). 4) Minimum of 360 degree turn. No hand support permitted. 5) Minimum of C dismount or B dismount proceeded by and directly connected to any D acro element. Gators to Watch in 2018: Kennedy Baker: Single wolf turn mount, front aerial into flip flop, split jump to straddle half turn, aerial to layout 1/1 dismount Alyssa Baumann: Onodi* to flip flop layout, switch leap to switch leap 1/2, front aerial to sissone, round off 1 ½ twist Alicia Boren: Gainer front toss, flip flop layout, switch leap into straddle jump, Gainer layout, round-off double tuck* Amanda Cheney: Flip flop flip flop layout*, switch leap into straddle quarter Shushunova, side aerial into layout full dismount Jazmyn Foberg: Wolf 1/1 turn, flip flop layout, switch leap to sheep jump, front aerial to beat jump, side aerial to 1/1 dismount Rachel Gowey: Flip flop layout layout, switch leap to split jump, cat leap to front aerial, full turn, Gainer layout 1/1 off side Amelia Hundley: Flip flop layout, cat leap switch side, front aerial to sissone, round off to 1 ½ dismount Grace McLaughlin: Front aerial into flip flop, switch leap to double stag ring jump, side aerial, Gainer full dismount Alex McMurtry: Beat jump to front toss, flip flop layout, switch leap into straddle quarter Shushunova into back hip circle, round-off 2/1 twist dismount Megan Skaggs: Wolf 2/1 turn, flip flop layout, switch leap, split jump, cat leap switch side, side aerial to full dismount Nicole Webb: Flip flop layout, switch leap to sheep jump, front aerial to beat jump, round off 2/1 twist FLOOR EXERCISE The composition of the exercise must show harmony between gymnastics and acrobatic elements, create dynamic changes in rhythm and levels and show versatile use of the entire floor area. The exercise must contain two different acrobatic series and one series must contain at least two saltos. The musical accompaniment is to be instrumental only. The exer- cise must last between 1:10 and 1:30 minutes. The “com- petition level” for floor exercise are defined by the basic stan- dards (failure to meet competition level is a .10 deduction). Requirements for floor (failure to complete requirements results in .2 start value deduction) include: 1) One acro series with two (2) saltos (same or different). 2) Three different saltos within the exercise. 3) Dance series with a minimum of two (2) elements (leaps - one must be off of one foot that includes a 180 degree split; jumps) 4) An acro dismount with a C in bonus combination OR a minimum of a D skill Gators to Watch in 2018: Sierra Alexander: Double layout, double pike, front layout to front layout 1/1, switch side to Popa Kennedy Baker: Piked Arabian* double front, back ½ twist to front layout half turn to straddle jump, double tuck Alyssa Baumann: Double layout, back 1 ½ to front layout 1/1, double tuck switch ring to tou jeté half Alicia Boren: Double layout*, back 1 ½ twist into front layout, double tuck Jazmyn Foberg: Double layout, front 1/1 front pike, double tuck, switch ½ wolf 1/1 Rachel Gowey: Double pike, back 1 ½ to front layout, double tuck, switch ½ to wolf 1/1 Amelia Hundley: Double layout, front layout to front 1/1, double pike, switch side to Popa Grace McLaughlin: Front double twist*, Rudi split jump, back 1 ½ twist into front layout Alex McMurtry: Triple twist*, front layout front 1/1 twist, double tuck Rachel Slocum: Double layout, front layout 1/1 to front pike, tour jete ½ to wolf 1/1, double pike Megan Skaggs: Front 2/1 twist, back 1 ½ front layout, double pike, tou jeté half to split full Nicole Webb: Double pike, Rudi to double stag jump, front 1/1 to front lay, switch ring to wolf hop 1/1 2018 Gator Floor Exercise Titles Sierra Alexander Bird Machine by DJ Snake ft. Alesia Kennedy Baker Anaconda by Nicki Minaj, Lip Gloss by Lil' Mama, Bang It To The Curb by Far East Movement & Sidney Samson, Booty Had Me Like by Psychic Type Alyssa Baumann Savior by Bassjackers, Helix by Sick Individuals x Holl & Rush and Wanna Get Hype by District 78 Alicia Boren Bad Man, Loose Control, We Run This and Pass That Dutch by Missy Elliot Maegan Chant Powerful by Major Lazer Jazmyn Foberg Take U There remix by TroyBoi and Ohawu by Wuzu Rachel Gowey Neverland by Drehz Amelia Hundley Sax by Fleur East Grace McLaughlin Torn by Nathan Lanier Alex McMurtry Carnival by Quintino Megan Skaggs Magic Flute by Take/Five Rachel Slocum La Mordidta by Ricky Martin and Mambo Number 5 by Lou Bega Nicole Webb Believer by Imagine Dragons or Earned It by The Weekend